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Every person on this earth is God’s creation blessed with strengths and talents. God created everyone person in his own unique way so that they could use these strengths and talents to reach great heights in life. The big challenge here though is “identifying your strengths and capabilities” and using them in the most effective way to do justice to your potential. At Evan Academy, we make you think big so that you do not confine yourself to a mediocre life.

Our team of trained professionals focus on the aspect of Emotional Intelligence. We believe, everyone is born to achieve a bigger purpose in life and our team helps you in our own created tools & techniques that will make you understand your purpose in life and guide you on the road that takes you to your destination. Now no more being a part of the crowd – STAND OUT


From the Founder - Evangelin

At Evan Academy, our teachings on life are based on practical experiences. We are passionate about understanding human values, universal law, and spiritual secrets governing the world. In this mechanical world, people seldom pay attention to themselves and miss out on their dreams and the better quality of life which they deserve.

Connecting with such people is our priority now and we want to show them a different dimension that would make their lives meaningful and purposeful. My own transformation has helped me a great deal in taking my life to a different level. This has helped me to provide workable solutions to entrepreneurs, working parents, and children.



Our Vision is to touch and transform thereby making lives more meaningful and purposeful.


Transformation is the key Focus on the emotional quotient Make people understand their potential Build strong teams Accelerate growth in profession/business

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+91 961 978 4093

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